Jeff O'Heir

Jeff O'Heir
Dealerscope’s Best in Show Awards

Dealerscope magazine and announced its Best in Show product winners Wednesday night during CE Week in New York City.

Catalyst AV Focuses On Full Solution

The directors of Catalyst AV, a new group made up of 11 distributors, say they offer what it takes to fill a gap that’s missing in the custom integration market: hands-on service and training that helps dealers build, integrate and install the right solution, and make decent profits while doing it.

Selling Security As An Accessory

Consumer electronics retailers typically include a case with about 65 percent of the smartphones and tablets they sell and SD cards withabout 60 percent. But they are adding a software security solution to less than 10 percent of mobile devices. Not only is that a disservice to the consumer, it also means a lot of margin is left on the table.

ProSource/PRO Group Form New-Audio Committee

As legacy categories mature – losing their mainstream appeal and the hefty margins they once carried – CE specialty dealers have to find alternative products that will resurrect consumer excitement and generate some much-needed profit.

Brand Source Predicts Increase in Retail Sales

 After amassing sales in consumer electronics and appliance that were better than the industry average last year, Brand Source executives expect the next two years to generate better revenues and profits for their dealers.