Quick Hits: Audio at CES

Klipsch’s Gavin Reeg, with the Stadium 2.1-channel AirPlay-enabled system, using the company’s signature Tractrix horn design (Fall delivery; $1,500-$1,700)

Paradigm’s Mark Aling, with the new thin-bezel Designer Series in-ceiling/in-wall line. Neodymium magnets are used to hold grilles in place

Jamo’s Brian Radgowski, with the satellite models within the M360 Series speaker system, which uses omnipolar technology (June delivery)

McIntosh’s Charlie Randall shows off the company’s reintroduced Limited Edition MC275 tube power amp; its sale is limited to 275 pieces in the U.S. ($6,500) and it comes with a history book, a manual, and white gloves so handlers don’t leave smudges

Sandy Gross, GoldenEar Technology, with the new Aon 3 bookshelf speakers ($500 each)

Sony added to its high-end SS-AR speaker series with the introduction of the $20,000/pair SS-AR2, demo’ed by the company’s “music evangelist,” Yuki Sugiura

Audio Design Associates’ Richard Stoerger presented the new Cinema Reference Mach IV digital signal processing program that also aids in the remapping and repositioning of speakers (Q2 availability; $40,000 target price)

Martin Logan’s Peter Soderberg, with the new Motion SLM flat on-wall/on-shelf speaker ($499.95)

Andrew Jones of Pioneer’s TAD (Technical Audio Design) Laboratories division put the TAD Reference System ($250,000) through its paces

Tributaries’ new Clarus premium-quality cable line was showcased by Joe and Joey Perfito