CEATEC Japan 2011 Showcases New & Future Tech

A bird’s-eye view of Exhibition Hall 1, which housed CE companies’ products and technologies

Panasonic showed a prototype of its first 3D compact camera in the Lumix line. The dual-lens device is due out in Japan in December

Panasonic’s concept car uses a wireless charging system that also powers the vehicle’s heating and cooling systems

Toshiba’s 55-inch REGZA 55x3 glasses-free 3D TV, to be sold in Japan in December, uses a face-tracking function that makes viewing position irrelevant; its Quad Full HD resolution in 2D (3840x2160 pixels) displays images at 4x Full HD resolution

Toshiba’s newest tablet device: the REGZA AT700, which has a 10.1-inch display and weighs 558g (approximately 1 lb., 3.68 oz)

Toshiba’s newly developed Eco Chip prototype was designed to achieve zero watts of power consumption in a product’s standby mode – equivalent to unplugging the electronic device

A long line formed at the Sharp booth for a look at the company’s 8K4K LCD prototype, to be commercialized in the far future after broadcast testing begins in 2020

Sharp’s 85-inch direct-view 8K4K prototype, demonstrated

Sharp showed an AQUOS wireless LCD TV series in 20-inch (shown) to 60-inch sizes, using 802.11n technology; the sets weigh 30 to 50 percent less than standard screens of equivalent size