Vin Bruno has stepped down and the show has been sold to Emerald Expositions, but our editors think there is still plenty of upside for integrators. Week in Review is sponsored by Sony.
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  • Frank Di Bartolo

    CEDIA needs a CEO with great management skills and that person needs to prove that he or she is a real leader.

    Good leaders always listen to their management team and they in turn listen to the people on the ground.

    I am sure that there are some worthy contenders within the industry, but maybe we need someone from outside the industry who knows how to muster their troops and will help CEDIA become the recognized Authority Figure that we all want it to be.

    There is no doubt CEDIA needs to be a stronger lobbyist, by this I mean they need to be out there in the media, all media.

    We need our “Certification” to be recognized by others and the public.

    And more than all that, CEDIA members need to be prepared to invest in business training! I’ve been around for a little while (read long while) and it pains me to know that for the most part, most CEDIA Members have not been able to build a business that they could sell. (yes 3 fingers are pointing to me)

  • Frederick Ampel

    I could not agree more, Frank. We need a PROFESSIONAL association executive who can build the organization, clean-up operations, focus on members needs and promote our education, certification and expertise. While an executive from some industry company may know the industry, he/she does NOT know association management, a completely different skill set and a degreed professional in that area is what CEDIA needs if it is to reach it’s full potential. Such a professional can, using the expertise of staff, the board, volunteers, and the membership learn the industry, but an industry exec cannot learn Association management on the job- we have tried that twice now and it has failed both times. Now is the time to be sensible and get the right skill-set in place for the future !!!!!!!