Our editors run through all of the big announcements out of Apple's WWDC 2017 keynote, including HomePod. Week in Review is sponsored by Sony.
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  • G Frost

    Apple play with Siri will be a multi lingual base that can support different languages at once, identify easily different users and build “world knowledge base”. I’ve worked in this space since 1995 on these elements and see the long game, but not sure their vision is complete. Overnight it could kill Google and Amazon because their focus is built around consumer privacy and security as well as bringing more intelligence/control to the network edge. Philosophically Apple is concerned about Universality and Privacy. They are segmenting markets like China where governments what vast snooping control from the rest of their network. Consumer privacy & ownership of their data is a huge issue it seems. In the long run it is a very consumer centric approach vastly different than competitors. They are playing the long game, but that is also risky.