With CEWeek in the rearview mirror, our editors look at some the high-level trends and products around the show floor. WIR is sponsored by Sony.WIR is sponsored by Sony.
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  • G Frost

    The issue is usability! A consumer needs to be able to bring home a smart device & have the home system recognize it and configure services/users/function seamlessly. Home automation companies providing a wired/wiresless infrastructure need to realize privacy will become a major issue and opportunity with usability. FSIA Court documents released a few weeks ago document 20M Americans unmasked in massive spying. Forget the politics and look at the issues of privacy that may bubble up. The difficult task of near automatic configuration and privacy becomes business opportunities. Google and Amazon are currently poorly positioned to address this issue technically while Apple has held back. Integrators need to consider the options. A new business of privacy audit management along with auto integration of new devices managed by a trusted local provider is a compelling story. Usability and privacy emerge as themes for business.