Savant/Lutron Official Press Party at CE Week

The Official CE Week Press Party, hosted by Savant and Lutron at the Savant Experience Center in lower Manhattan, took place Thursday and was a must-attend event. It followed on a day of courses taught by industry leaders to interior designers and architects at the Savant Experience Center. The space was designed by renowned interior designer Thom Filicia making it the perfect environmental lifestyle venue for interior designers and architects to truly understand the impact of style and technology blended in the home or commercial environment. (Photos and captions by Maureen Jenson)

Savant's Jim Carroll and Lutron's Melissa Andresko.

Stephanie Adamow, CTPG; Carol Campbell, Publisher CustomRetailer: Andrea Smith, ABC News.

Electronic Design Group's Bob Gullo and Savant's JC Murphy.

Kim Fabiano, Social4media; Noah Kaplan of Leon Speakers and the rest of the beautiful people at the Savant/Lutron Press Party.

Sara Trujillo, Dobbin Bolgla Associates; Piero Gabucci, Secrets of Home Theater & Hi Fi; and Maria Repole.

Nancy Klosek, CTPG; Micah Sheveloff, WIRC Media; and Grant Clauser, Electronic House.

Savant's Jim Carroll and executive assistant Meghan Wallace.

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