Highlights From SIM2’s Dealer Event in Italy

Photos and captions by Maureen Jenson

Mark Hoffenberg, Audiovisions; Scott Hovhannissian, Limelight Systems; Michael Silver, Audio High; Sim2's Alberto Fabiano and Mike Flanagan, Home Systems By Design.

President and Co-founder, Maurizio Cini, who for 15 years has overseen the manufacture of SIM2’s hand-built products―many of them industry firsts.

The exterior of the Sim2 Research and Technology Center in Pordenone Italy.

Alberto Fabiano, Executive Vice President of SIM2 USA, “We are showcasing SIM2’s rich history, incredible research and development capabilities, and, most importantly, our standards of operating.” 

An expression of commitment at SIM2

Alberto Fabiano and Dominico Toffoli, Research and Development Director.

Massimo Zecchin, Director of Sales Worldwide, discusses the Brionvega line.

The Silver Family, Claire, Rachel and Michael, Audio High, Mountain View, CA, “First and formost Sim2 is an engineering company responsible for many industry firsts.”

Sarah and Mike Flanagan, Home Systems By Design, Overland Park, KS, “This is the best 3D demo I've seen. I feel I can sell the Sim2 3D projector with confidence.”

Janet and Mark Hoffenberg, Audiovisions, Orange County: "HDR (High Dynamic Range) is singularly super exciting."

Scott Hovhannissian, Limelight Systems, Westport, CT, “Seeing HDR technology here at SIM2 in Italy has been really impressive.”

Luigi Buriola VP of R&D explains HDR technology and its potential for the future.

Massimo Zecchin and Luigi Buriola talking about HDR: “The HDR effect results in an extremely high contrast ratio to the viewer, with very high intensity whites and totally dark blacks.”

An engineer shows the assembly process for the Lumis projector: famous for its dynamic blacks.

An assembly area.

The LUMIS 3D SOLO, a 3-chip DLP projector.

Checking the boards in the clean room.

Checking the alignment in the clean room.

A CRYSTAL Series, single-chip, glass clad, DLP projector.

The Crystal projector assembly; a projector representing great value for the money.

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    We install SIM2 products and have to say that the products are great but the support and service is second to none. The new MICO LED range is exciting too – low energy usage and instant on / off! A real bonus for clients who don’t like to wait. I’ve never seen the Italian operation though – thanks for posting.