The Lutron 2011 Residential Opportunities Tour Training in Full Swing

CustomRetailer’s Maureen Jenson participated in Day 1 at the Irvine, Calif., Lutron Experience Center

Rich Black: “With HomeWorks QS we are providing the dealer with a whole new level of total home control that provides increased energy savings, is easier to install and program, and features greater integration capabilities than before, including lights, shades, HVAC and appliances.

Attendees at the Lutron Experience Center during the second day of technical training.

Technical training

Andre LaLande: “With Lutron's new Venetian blinds there is now a solution that outperforms the industry standard while providing an attractive, effective way to reduce glare and maintain an outdoor view.”

Aussie Kizirian, Interior Technologies; Steve Stary, Stary Technologies; Troy Bolotnick, Interior Technologies.

The Powerfull Electric team brought eight members of their staff.

Yacov Sasson, S&F Electric; Sherry Goodman, SCI Lighting Solutions; Mike Heddlesten and Daniel Hodgetts, Candlelight Systems.

Lutron's new dynamic keypad: “The new face and style of HomeWorks QS system; Available April 4th.”

Tom Thomson, SCI Lighting Solutions; Kevin White and Pete Mogab, Mogab Electric; Shaun Hoisington, Murdica Electric.

Dave Goldsworthy and Gary Wolk, The Electrix Company.

Jorge Figueroa and Tomas Garcia, Powerfull Electric; Rich Ruelas, Allied Group Sales, Inc.

Shane Shupe, Shupe Electric; Paul McMurchie, Alpine Electric; Travis Shupe, Shupe Electric.

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