Highlights from Axpona Expo at CE Week

Some of the highlights of the Axpona Expo at the Affinia Hotel in New York, part of CE Week

Wharfedale's Walter Schofield and Peeya Iwagoshi from Audio Power Laboratories with the Audio Power Labs tube monoblocks driving Wharfedale Neo Airedale speakers.

TAD's chief engineer Andrew Jones with his TAD Compact Reference CR-1 three-way speakers in the room TAD was sharing with its New York dealer, Triode Picture+Sound.

Jeff Joseph in the Joseph Audio room with Bel Canto electronics and his own stand-mounted Pulsars.

Axpona attendees check out the Mark Neumann Coliseum XLS loudspeakers in the High-End Palace Reference Music room.

Woodbridge Stereo/Video/Integration had two rooms. Woodbridge's Tom Altobelli, is pictured with the KEF system.

Explaining the Meridian Sooloos system in one of the Woodbridge rooms.

Peter Lyngdorf of Steinway-Lyngdorf explains the S-Series loudspeaker to the crowds in his packed room.

Somfy's Gina Lutkus explains the company's TaHomA system.

Totem's Vince Bruzzese with the Mani-2 loudspeakers.

Head Monster Noel Lee, producer/engineer David Rideau, and musician/composer/audio pioneer David Chesky, after their panel discussion on HDtracks.com: Why high resolution downloads are the best digital medium ever.

J Lee Thompson of JVC in the room they shared with Triad and AIX to put on exceptional 3D demoes.

Vincent Chen with Emotiva electronics and loudspeakers; combined with an Epson projector produced outstanding concert demos.

Nick Fitzsimmons of Rogue Audio, Inc with the EgglestonWorks. A combination of a Rogue Hera II preamplifier and Apollo monoblock amplifiers plus Eggleston Andra III loudspeakers.

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