Leslie Chard

The dream for any savvy home electronics enthusiast is a home where all screens — HDTV, computer, mobile — throughout the house can instantly, wirelessly share and move high-definition video content around. “Keep dreaming” was the collective message from panelists here at the Television 3.0 conference. “There’s not going to be a wireless, whole home solution for a long time,” said Dr. Anton Monk, co-founder and VP of technology for connected home semiconductor company Entropic Communications. He and other panelists agreed that slower American broadband speeds are preventing full realization of instant gaming and high-def

The Electronic Systems Professional Alliance (ESPA), which seeks to establish an industry-first entry-level universal certification and education program for “electronic systems technicians,” gained two more affiliates last week: the Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) and HDMI Licensing. The news follows an announcement last month that CompTIA and Tweeter Home Entertainment had become ESPA affiliates. “Associations and businesses with a stake in a well-trained, certified electronic systems workforce are taking note of ESPA and applauding what we are trying to accomplish,” said ESPA Managing Director Deb Rolfes. “I think it is a positive indicator that seven organizations so far have come together to contribute to the

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