Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson of Home Theater Review continues to make waves among the Ivory Tower holders of Audiophila and I like it.

Perhaps this is a push back from the consumer and "PROsumer" products which have had a seminal rise with viable budget conscious buyers options. There is something to be said for the defending of quality and excellence but when it comes as the result of circling the wagons it also creates a wall. Every manufacturer is looking to draw folks in with their array of 'oh, Wow' products which are posted as glossy

The 66th episode of AVWeek features guests Brad Grimes from InfoComm, Adrian Boyd, and Andrew Robinson of Home Theater Review.

On this week's show the panel discusses the value of manufacturer's training. They also talk about the struggles facing the big three Japanese CE companies: Panasonic, Sharp and Sony. In other overseas news, what would it mean if Foxconn built LCD TVs in the US? The crew chats about Logitech getting into the VC market, and ends with the question, what does AV have to do with HIPAA? 

As a publisher, the world of social networking has opened me up to all sorts of people that I haven't heard from (or ever heard of), from places like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Forums and beyond. Many of these people are loyal readers and the more I hear from them - they are getting pretty agitated about really expensive audio and video gear.

They've been burned by HD DVD, SACD, DVD-Audio, HDMI and some of them even start talking about Beta. They've bought AV preamps for $5,000, which become worth less than $500 in five years.

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