Video: Monster Cables Provide Perfect Tuning

Video: Monster Cables Provide Perfect Tuning Image

Remy Carlis from Monster Cable demonstrated the precision of Monster’s HDMI 1000 cables at CEA Line Shows.

When the cable runs through a bit error rate tester, set to 17.8 gigabits, the test shows zero errors in 10 seconds which means the Monster cable is tuned exactly to 17.8 gigabits. As Carlis says, Monster proves not all cables are made the same.

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  • http://Mac Mac

    Where are the examples of what the “other” failed competitors cables look like?

  • http://JackCotter Jack Cotter

    Hey Mac,
    I’d be interested if any of our readers have tried any tests like that with cables.
    We did see a test that failed, but that part of the video didn’t work out unfortunately. Maybe we’ll add it to the Blu-ray special features…. just kidding.