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CEDIA 2.0: Looking Forward. Moving Ahead. Increasing Your Bottom Line.

February 8, 2012
• Presented By: CustomRetailer & CEDIA
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Federico Bausone, Chairman, CEDIA; Michael Creeden, CEDIA Board Member, M+R Digital Innovations, Inc.; Ben Komar, CEDIA Education Volunteer, Komar Associates Inc.; Peter Shipp, CEDIA Board Member, ZIO Group, LLC.; Randy Stearns, Immediate Past Chairman, CEDIA

• Moderator: Maureen Jenson, Editor in Chief, CustomRetailer

• Click Here: CEDIA 2.0: Looking Forward. Moving Ahead. Increasing Your Bottom Line.

As a member of this industry it's fairly easy to see the role CEDIA plays in the "Big Picture", it is often harder to see what the association does for you as an individual. To many people, CEDIA is a tradeshow, but in reality the association is working for you 365 days a year and is driven by a mission to advance members' position in the marketplace and to be a core component of their prosperity.

In 2012, CEDIA has set in motion a detailed strategic plan that prioritizes the work of the Association to directly impact CEDIA member business through programs and initiatives that promote commerce, influence the market, build a skilled workforce, and help members become the voice of authority. How are they going to do that you ask?

CustomRetailer recently interviewed former chairman Randy Stearns who offered some top level facts on the member-focused strategic plan.  Join current CEDIA Chairman Federico Bausone and a panel of CEDIA members and volunteers as they drill down into the key initiatives with CustomRetailer Editor, Maureen Jenson. See where you stand to benefit from CEDIA membership because at the end of the day everyone wants to know "What's in it for me?"

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