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5 Ways to Smarten Up Dumb Home Devices
November 26, 2014 From Fortune
People with smart homes can control all their appliances using a mobile phone like a TV remote control. All they have to do is tap an app to unlock their door, turn on the lights and adjust their crockpot’s temperature while dinner is simmering inside....
Lutron's bridge
DOW Electronics to Distribute Lutron Products
November 26, 2014 From News
Southeast distributor DOW Electronics announced that it has reached a deal to distribute Lutron’s Caséta and Sivoia QS Triathlon line of products in its territory. 
Smart Home is Where the Heart is for Best Buy
November 25, 2014 From Fortune
Best Buy has opened 400 dedicated sections in stores to promote smart home products and ride one of electronics’ fastest growing areas
More and more Americans want to be able to dim their outside Christmas lights without having to leave the comfort of a warm bed. Or control their home’s...
Sanus Deck the Walls
Sanus Debuts "Deck the Walls" Sweepstakes
November 25, 2014 From News
Sanus this week announced the launch of a holiday sweepstakes called "Deck the Walls." Those interested in entering can do so either through Sanus' Twitter or Facebook page or by mailing in a note card entry.
Tidal Audio
Can Your Music Pass the TIDAL Test?
November 24, 2014 From EntertainmentTell
TIDAL, the premium music streaming service that launched in the U.S. this fall, has launched a new site to test the difference between compressed and uncompressed music....
Nest's Second Thermostat
Nest’s first national commercial stars a grumpy old man
November 24, 2014 From HomeTechTell
Ever had an older relative who just doesn’t get today’s new technology? Are you that older relative yourself? Either way, you can probably relate to Nest’s new commercial, its first national one, which began airing in the last week....
Denon AVR-X7200W Network A/V Receiver
Denon Debuts Flagship Receiver
November 21, 2014 From News

Denon has announced the AVR-X7200W Network A/V Receiver, its newest flagship AVR, and part of the Denon X-Series. 

BenQ's PU9730 projector
BenQ Debuts ProAV Projector Series
November 21, 2014 From News
BenQ America has announced the arrival of its Pro AV Projector Series. The ColorificPX9710, PW9620, and PU9730 are available through BenQ's Integrator's Choice Program. 
10 Innovative Home Automation Devices
November 21, 2014 From CRN
In a preview event to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, CES Unveiled New York had some interesting and innovative devices, many falling in the field of home automation.  ...
Elite Tripod Stage Series
Elite Screens Debuts Tripod Projection Screen
November 21, 2014 From News
Elite Screens has announced its new Tripod Stage Series, featuring the tripod projection screen.
Walter Schofield
Walter Schofield Joins SVS
November 20, 2014 From News
SVS announced that industry veteran Walter Schofield, formerly president of Meridian America and global vice president of Harman, has joined SVS as director of global sales.
SnapAV's new Taiwan office
SnapAV Opening Taiwan Office
November 20, 2014 From News
SnapAV said this week that it has opened its first international office, in Taipei, Taiwan.
Crestron's DMC-STR Streaming Input Card
Crestron Ships Card For Digital Media Switchers
November 19, 2014 From News
 Crestron said this week that its DMC-STR Streaming Input Card is now shipping. The product, Crestron said, "enables card-based Crestron DM switchers to receive a high-performance H.264 video stream over an IP network."
The Auralic Streaming Bridge
Auralic Adds TIDAL
November 19, 2014 From News
Auralic announced this week that it has added the new TIDAL streaming service to its Aries Streamer Bridge.
Help Us Honor Your Top Talent
November 19, 2014 From News
Regardless of the size of your integration business, we know you have a superstar or two on staff to share with our TI community. Let’s celebrate these best and brightest integration company rock stars by submitting their names to the TI Top Talent 2015 Roundup, which we’ll publish in our January/February 2015 issue.
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