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What Americans Really Want From Their Smart Homes
August 29, 2014 From Green Tech Media
U.S. homeowners would prefer a smartphone-enabled, do-it-yourself platform for home automation over a closed, subscription-based system -- and in either case, they care a lot more about security and peace of mind than they do about saving on their energy bills.
URC's new app
URC Adds Mobile Apps
August 29, 2014 From News
URC announced the arrival of new mobile apps, for iOS and Android, for the new ccGEN2 home automation system.
Pakedge's Dusan Jankov, Co-Founder; Victor Pak, CEO; Nick Phillips, Vice President of Sales
Pakedge Celebrates Ten Years
August 29, 2014 From News
Pakedge Device & Software will be celebrating its tenth anniversary at CEDIA Expo next month.
The Buzz at CEDIA Expo 2014 (Part 1)
August 29, 2014 From News
Manufacturers are all a-buzz about Hot Products that are innovative, high-performing and solutions oriented for the custom electronics professional. The impact these products have on the industry is measured in the installer’s productivity, the dealer’s profitability, the client’s satisfaction and fuels the industry’s vitality.
Pro Data Key
ADI Adds ProDataKey
August 27, 2014 From News
ADI announced Tuesday that it has made IP based access control solutions from ProdataKey available to its customers.
D-Tools Design Awards
Atlona, Core Brands, and Epson to Sponsor D-Tools Event
August 27, 2014 From News
D-Tools, Inc., announced this week that Atlona, Core Brands and Epson, Manufacturer Vantage Point partners all, will sponsor D-Tools' launch and awards event at CEDIA Expo in September. The event will feature both the official introduction of the System Integrator 2015 software and the presentation of this year's D-Tools Design Awards.
The RE-1 router
Pakedge Readies RE-1 Router
August 27, 2014 From News
Pakedge Device & Software said this week that its new 4 port RE-1 router will debut at CEDIA Expo next month. The router, Pakedge said, was designed with A/V networks in mind.
Triad to Launch First Atmos Speaker
August 27, 2014 From News
Triad Speakers this week announced that it will launch its first Dolby Atmos-equipped home theater speaker at CEDIA Expo next month.
Sunfire's XTEQ subwoofer
Sunfire Debuts XTEQ Subwoofer
August 27, 2014 From News
Core Brands announced the launch of the new XTEQ subwoofers, from its Sunfire brand.
AudioControl Maestro M8
AudioControl Ships New Maestro
August 27, 2014 From News
AudioControl announced that they have begun shipping the newest Maestro product, the Maestro M8 surround-sound pre-amp processor with 4K Ultra HD processing.
Atlantic Technology's Atmos Speaker Module
Atlantic Technology Readying Atmos Speaker Module
August 27, 2014 From News
Atlantic Technology this week announced the arrival of its new 44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker module for home theater use.
B&W's new CM Series
B&W Unveils New CM Series
August 27, 2014 From News
Bowers & Wilkins has announced the arrival of its new CM Series of speakers. The speakers offer Decoupled Double Dome tweeters and other B&W technologies, and has also been " redesigned to deliver vastly improved audiophile-standard performance across the board," B&W said.
THX iOS app
THX Updates App
August 27, 2014 From News
THX announced this week that it has upgraded its THX tune-up app for iOS devices. The update improves the THX Product Finder feature.
CEDIA Expo 2014
Time is Running Out For CEDIA Expo Registration
August 27, 2014 From News
 Your chance to register for CEDIA EXPO 2014 is running out! Happening September 10-13 in Denver, this year's EXPO is bringing more new courses, more new products, and more excitement than ever before. Register today and use the code GP14 to get free show floor access.
CEDIA Hosting Over 400 Exhibitors, Including 150 Product Launches
August 27, 2014 From News
CEDIA will host more than 150 exhibitors who are introducing new products at next month's CEDIA Expo in Denver, and over 400 exhibitors total. 
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