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CEDIA View : Keep Learning: HDMI + CEDIA EXPO

Get Hands-On With HDMI or Check Out CEDIA’s Bank of White Papers on HDMI

May 2011

HDMI is a fantastic single-cable solution for pairing a couple of consumer products, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. CEDIA has multiple resources to help you work through your HDMI hang-ups.

If you're looking for hands-on HDMI training, CEDIA has developed an eight-hour intensive training course that will be offered at ADI locations across the country.

This course will help you understand HDMI as a technology and how to better design and troubleshoot complex HDMI systems. This course covers best practices, troubleshooting and how to work with HDMI test equipment. Visit for more information or to register.

Current Schedule:

June 2 - Baltimore, MD

June 14 - Dallas, TX

In addition, CEDIA has released four HDMI white papers to help guide you through common problems and hang-ups with this ubiquitous technology. The resources include:

Introduction to HDMI Interface – This white paper introduces the background and history of the HDMI standard and provides a top-level overview of the cable and cable labeling guidelines.

HDMI Installation Best Practices – Learn the best practices in HDMI distribution, including topics such as how to pull HDMI cables and basic HDMI tests. The paper also gives an overview of common interoperability issues.

HDMI Design & Initialization Sequence – This white paper discusses the basic design of HDMI devices, the HDMI initialization sequence and features in the 1.4a specification.

Understanding EDID – This white paper is the newest in the HDMI series. The Understanding EDID white paper will familiarize electronic systems professionals with techniques for reading and emulating sink device capabilities from EDID. The paper also gives an overview of EDID on repeater devices and splitters and offers tips for resolving interoperability issues by examining the EDID.

CEDIA members have access to these resources free of charge; non-members can purchase each paper for $9.99. Get your copy today at Stay tuned for new white papers on HDMI and other key topics from CEDIA throughout the year.

Start Planning Your CEDIA EXPO Education Schedule Now

CEDIA EXPO hosts the largest offering of CEDIA University courses, but how do you know which courses to take? This year, CEDIA has taken the guesswork out of selecting courses. Match education offered at CEDIA EXPO to your business and training needs by using the new course selection tool. This new resource helps you simplify your education purchase decisions and recommends courses based on the data you provide. Take the guessing game out of your schedule and get a defined list of options that are tailored specifically to you, your employees and your business. Access the course selection tool at in the Attendee Info area.

In addition, all courses offered at CEDIA EXPO 2011 have been categorized to help you make smarter decisions based on business goals, strategies and job function. Categories include:

Business Growth

Finding it hard to grow your business in the current economic climate? Courses in this category are designed to help you diversify and strengthen your business.

Operational Excellence

Is your business running as smoothly as you'd like? Courses in this category will help you develop your day-to-day operations so that your company is functioning efficiently.

Emerging Trends

Want to know more about what's to come for the electronic systems industry and how it can benefit you? Courses in this category will introduce you to the latest upcoming technologies and trends and will help you implement them into your business plan.

Technical Excellence

Striving to execute projects more productively and in less time? Courses in this category will help you master your technical and design skills.

Forging Alliances

Looking to develop professional relationships that will directly help your business thrive? Courses in this category will help you build and strengthen business relationships with industry professionals, peers, customers, and industry partners. CR

Learn more about CEDIA EXPO and this year's education offerings at Don't forget, registration opens June 1.


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