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A "Great Time For Polk Audio" as 80 New Products Ship

Polk Audio Vows To Continue Taking Market Share

September 1, 2010 By Maureen Jenson
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Showing a relentless commitment to the company's original motto of "Incredible Sound/Reasonable prices," Polk Audio demonstrated an extensive new line of home and outdoor products to a select group of press on Thursday August 12 at the company's headquarters in Baltimore.

“We are shipping over 80 new products in 2010; it's one of our busiest year's ever. This is a great time for Polk Audio and we will continue to take market share," said Al Baron, Product Line Manager.

Added Al Ballard, VP of Marketing, “we stand by the same mission statement and philosophies today as when the company was started back in 1972; to provide excellent audio at reasonable prices to regular people.”
The company introduced its new flagship LSiM Home Audio speaker lineup including two 4-way floor-standing tower models; The LSiM 707 and the LSiM 705. Each is exquisitely crafted and and while listening to a demo of, 'Jazz at the Pawnshop', the LSiM 707's truly “fell away” and I was left with just amazing rich full and detailed jazz...this hasn't happened to me in a demo for quite some time, and speaks to the amount of work that has gone into creating the new line. Polk fans are going to be very happy.

Specs include transducers built with Polk's  Dynamic Balance design technology, which combines the latest in composite materials and computer-assisted geometry to create drivers with extraordinarily low distortions and artifacts.  Both towers sport an array of these high performance drivers, highlighted by Polk's Dynamic Sonic Engine enclosure, a single molded component that carries both a Polk proprietary 3.25”

Extended Linear Motion (ELM) mid-range driver  and a 1.0” Advance Isotropic ring radiator (AIR) tweeter. Rounding out the line are a choice of two three-way center channel options, a three-way bookshelf speaker, a three-way bi-pole surround and a subwoofer. The series is scheduled to ship in January 2011.

    VP of Engineering, Stu Lumsden, escorted my group for a behind the scenes look at each computer generated design phase that brings these lines to life. Commented Stu, “Our hands on approach with every aspect of loudspeaker design provides us with a very quick time to market and an intense degree of accuracy.” The attention to detail and accuracy was obviously an integral part of why every demo throughout the day was so impressive.    


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