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IT and AV Convergence

February 25, 2013

For over ten years Sound and Communications has produced a magazine called the IT/AV Report. The basics of the periodical are stories about how the IT and AV worlds are converging. I hesitate to use that word because of the careless way in which it has been thrown around in our industry. However, converge is the best definition of what has gone on. A better one may be takeover, but that’s too pessimistic for me, so let’s stick with convergence.



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Sequester Me
February 18, 2013 From

It doesn't get as much press as "Fiscal Cliff," but the term sequester could impact AV professionals. Unless another midnight deal is reached, on March 1, 2013 a number of cuts will be put into effect. For those of a Libertarian leaning, the cut to pay to congress is the biggest benefit.

The other portion that concerns us in AV is the cuts to defense. Not that any of us manufacture tanks or aircraft carriers, but a major portion of some integrators and manufacturers' sales go directly to the government. Specifically to the defense department.

AVWeek Episode 78: Lights, Lights, Baby
February 19, 2013 From HomeTechTell

This episode of AVWeek features Michael Drainer of Sennheiser, and Matt D. Scott from Omega Audio Video, joining host Tim Albright.

On the radar for the show is the projector market - are we seeing the start of a downward trend or just a blip? Other topics of dicussion include Lutron's wireless lighting control, the AV industry's embracing Ethernet just in time for its fortieth birthday, plus, Vanilla Ice's new lighting line - you read that last part right.



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