Wilson Electronics Joins Capitol Event
April 18, 2012

Capitol announced Wednesday that it is now distributing Wilson Electronics products. The company, which produces cell phone signal boosters, will also participate in the upcoming Capitol Learning Institute.

Sennheiser Steps Up Counterfeit Battle
November 7, 2011

In his new role as Sennheiser's vice president of sales, John Falcone will be focusing more of his time battling counterfeiters. With the way things are going, he might not have time to do much else.

Teenage Audiophiles Speak Out
February 19, 2011

My recent "Are there any young audiophiles?" poll drew a surprisingly strong response from under-20 audiophiles. I was hoping to hear from 20- or 30-something audiophiles, and they were well represented, but a healthy number of younger people are getting into audio! I bought my first hi-fi when I was 15, so I relate to what Sebastian5495 wrote: I'm 15 and I view myself as an audiophile. My dad has some truly amazing gear including a beautiful American vinyl player. My dad showed me what good sound is and I really understand it and appreciate it

2009 Distributor Directory
April 1, 2009

In these challenging economic times, when a choice must be made about who a custom integrator will do business with, service is the differentiator—just as it is at the client level.

Distribution Special: Distributor Directory
April 1, 2008

CustomRetailer presents a directory of companies ready to provide you with everything you need to run your business... ADI Tom Polson, President About the Company: As a leading global wholesale distributor of security and low-voltage products, ADI offers the support, service and confidence you need to stay up to date with the evolving custom electronics market. ADI’s superior product offerings, convenient locations, friendly and knowledgeable staff and extensive training opportunities can be relied on to help you win business throughout the marketplace. For the past 20 years, ADI has been distributing the latest technologies and value-added services to residential and commercial A/V