Sadowski Authors Book on His Cancer Battle
April 17, 2015

Frank Sadowski, a longtime CE industry figure and founder of Sadowski Consulting Services, has written a new book about his battle with bladder cancer.

NHT Bows SuperPower Desktop Speakers
November 10, 2011

NHT is gunning for ownership of the desktop – at least in the personal loudspeaker department.

The company on Thursday unveiled its new SuperPower compact, self-amplified mini speaker ($199 each) – a design it says is an amalgam of the best elements of its SuperZero 2.0 passive mini speaker and its 75-watt powered professional series M-00 (otherwise known as “the moo”) that is used in recording studios.

Are Home-Theater-in-a-Box Systems Yesterday's News?
May 5, 2011

The home-theater-in-a-box systems (HTIBs) I reviewed 10 years ago were pretty lame, but I've been amazed by the progress of these systems over the years. The best of the breed, like the Onkyo HT-S990THX and the Samsung HT-BD1250, produce astonishing sound quality for not a lot of money. But the market appears to be moving away from HTIBs, as more and more of today's buyers are opting for easier-to-install sound bar speakers. I can understand why; HTIBs may be one-box solutions, but they still require extensive setup routines, and you have to run wires to five or more speakers

NHT on Revamped Model & Revamped Business Model
October 15, 2010

NHT’s SuperZero 2.0 mini bookshelf speaker, soon to be released to the market, is an update of one of the brand’s most popular models. Its issue, perhaps fittingly, occurs under the umbrella of an updated NHT – a company that has adopted a two-pronged business model that lets it simultaneously sell directly to integrators and to consumers.

NHT Launches Three-Day Sale
May 18, 2010

NHT, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of its relaunch with a web-based model, is launching a three-day sale with an 18 percent discount on all NHT products.

NHT Unveils Speaker Tower
March 25, 2010

The newest iteration of NHT’s Absolute home loudspeaker series – the Absolute Tower is the full-sized version of the company’s best-selling Classic mini-monitor, the Absolute Zero.

March 1, 2009

Letters From CustomRetailer readers

NHT Set to 'Go Quiet'
February 25, 2009

Speaker company NHT said Tuesday that it will sell out all of its remaining inventory by the end of next month, and will subsequently "rethink the future" of its business.