Six Reasons Receivers Shouldn't be Media Streamers
June 13, 2011

There are a lot of excellent 2011 AV receivers, but none of them is a great media streamer.

If you're looking to buy an AV receiver this year, one of the major step-up features you'll be tempted to pay for is built-in networking. All the receivers in the $500 price range have an Ethernet port on the back and support for a variety of streaming-music features, such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Napster, Slacker, and Internet radio. As much as we're fans of those streaming-music services, we'd hesitate to recommend paying extra for getting them built-into a receiver,

Onkyo Debuts HT-RC Receivers
April 4, 2011

Onkyo on Monday announced the forthcoming of two new HT-RC receiver models. The new models, the HT-RC370 and HT-RC360, replace the HT-RC270 and HT-RC260.

The End of a DJ Era: Panasonic Discontinues Technics Audio Products
October 30, 2010

As we wipe the tears from the eyes of many a nostalgic DJ, Panasonic has confirmed that audio products under its Technics brand, including the long popular analog turntables, will go the way of the dodo. It's no surprise that the music industry has changed drastically. But Panasonic isn't the only company to have delivered quite the memory lane-ridden blow this week. Sony announced four days ago that it would end production of its cassette tape-based Walkman players. Then, in a blow to even Generation-Xers, the music industry shut down peer-to-peer music sharing Website Limewire via court injunction

Best Case Scenario: Adaptation
September 1, 2009

CustomRetailer: In your opinion, when did we first start to feel the rumblings of a change in the CI industry?

Marketing Media Servers
May 1, 2008

CodexNovus Hugo Feugen, President & Founder PRODUCT/TECH TRENDS: One of our latest enhancements is our peer server functionality. With any of our storage-equipped servers, such as our HDcodex DML Series player/servers, as many a dozen units throughout a home or office network can send and/or play a standard-definition stream from any of the other units simultaneously. In addition to allowing the owner’s library of movies, music and images to be distributed over all the HDcodex devices in the network, owners can grow their storage incrementally with each added player/server. With our DMS-6000 6TB RAID5 central server, there can be literally hundreds of DMS units

HDTV in Windows
August 1, 2003

Microsoft Goes Hi-Res By Grant Clauser You and the family have just settled in for an exciting high-definition movie. The THX intro rumbles the house, but just when things are ready to go, a silent message pops up on screen: "Windows has experienced a fatal error and must be shut down." If this scenario sounds bad, imagine it's not your house, but your client's, and in minutes he or she is on the phone with you, demanding you fix the fatal error. A bad horror movie, or reality TV? Even with all the attention HDTV over cable and satellite,

Control Issues
June 1, 2003

Are Today's Remote Interfaces Up To The Task? By Jessica Millward Count on Ozzy Osbourne to act as mouthpiece for a marketplace. In one of the first episodes of his family's popular reality series, the Ozz can't work his own video system, even though he's been provided with a customized remote control. The baffled hero laments to millions that "you've got to have computer knowledge to turn the TV on and off! I press one button and the shower starts!" It'd be comforting to chalk this comment up to substance abuse and/or overexposure to arena rock. But everyone knows Ozzy's not the only one,

Hardware Spotlight ? Onkyo
April 1, 2003

Onkyo NC-500 'Net-Tune' Audio Network Receiver By David Dritsas Even with the death of Napster, everyone seems to have found ways to stockpile MP3s as if in preparation for the next ice age. I've got friends whose computers' hard drives resemble crowded CD racks. And any number of custom installers can tell you about the hours spent moving MP3 files to a home audio server. But I have to laugh when I see someone burning a whole load of MP3s to CD, just to listen to them on a stereo system (with MP3 playback) through better speakers. It just seems that a purpose is