Magnolia Audio Video

CEA Names 2013 Hall of Fame Class
May 10, 2013

The Consumer Electronics Association Thursday named 15 new inductees to the CE Hall of Fame. The inductees will be officially enshrined at the CEA Industry Forum in Los Angeles this October.

Connected-Home Execs Discuss Business ‘Beyond the Living Room’
February 9, 2011

What makes the connected home a reality today – and what developments lay ahead?
That question, and more, set the tone for the broad range of opinion offered at CEA’s ‘Beyond the Living Room’ panel, an event held during CES and hosted by Control4.

B&W Comes to Magnolia
July 19, 2010

Bowers & Wilkins announced Monday that it "a significant portion" of its products will soon become available at Best Buy's Magnolia

Installation Services: What’s Best Buy Up to?
February 5, 2007

Best Buy announced additions to its Magnolia Home Theater Installation Service. The big-box giant said it now has “more than 2,800” professionally-trained Magnolia Home Theater Installers across the country, up from “roughly 1,000” a year ago. It now touts itself as having “the largest team of home theater service providers in the country.” Best Buy also said Magnolia installation services are now available evenings and weekends at selected locations, and that customers who purchase a television along with installation and/or a subscription to an HD cable or satellite source can get up to $300 off the price of the television. Best Buy’s other Magnolia installation services include

December 27, 2006

When the Associated Press (AP) posted a story about Best Buy selling ConnectedLife.Home, a package centered around Exceptional Innovations’ (EI) Windows Media Center-based Lifeware home control system, EI immediately drafted a clarification letter to its dealers and got in touch with the trade press. The package “is not rolling out in Best Buy Co., which is what the AP story says,” explained Mike Seamons, EI’s vice president of marketing. “It is rolling out in Best Buy for Business, which is a whole organization attached to every Best Buy [that offers] professional installed IT services.” Best Buy for Business has traditionally offered services to small

Magnolia to Offer Control4
November 27, 2006

Home automation vendor Control4 announced a strategic partnership with Magnolia Audio Video that finds its complete line of products now available at all 20 standalone Magnolia stores on the West Coast. Magnolia will display the products and “highlight applications that allow consumers to merge their home theater, lighting, music and temperature subsystems into an easy-to-use on-screen guide or touchscreen,” said Control4. Customers can walk through a series of demo rooms to experience the technology. Magnolia Audio Video will also provide design and installation services. “Magnolia Audio Video is an ideal partner in transforming the home automation market,” said Control4 CEO Will West. “Consumers want significantly reduced