CustomRetailer Reveals 2011 EXC!TE Awards Winners, Part I
August 16, 2011

CustomRetailer magazine is honored to present our annual 2011 EXC!TE Awards to the best products available to the industry this year. Each year
CustomRetailer invites nominations of products that stand out for being innovative, high-performing and solutions-oriented for the custom installation professional.

Don't Call It Shallow, But?
September 1, 2005

…NAD focuses on beauty as well as brains and brawn with its new Master Series. By Nancy Klosek Lenbrook, which markets the NAD and PSB brands, has trademarked "Build-Artistry" as an umbrella phrase for its NAD Master Series. These new products, which make their North American debuts at CEDIA Expo, represent an attempt to formalize the company's oft-stated commitment to no-nonsense, clean-line audio components and truth in power specs. However, NAD knows that in today's marketplace, how a product looks is increasingly as important as what's inside—so the Master Series takes NAD's salt-of-the-earth heritage and gussies it up for a night on the

New Big-Screen Display Technologies
October 1, 2003

iFire's TDEL technology involves a low-cost and high-yield manufacturing process. By Cliff Roth The writing on the wall suggests TVs will be on the wall, in more homes than ever. Everybody wants these new flat screens, but even with prices dropping to the $3,000 ballpark for entry-level models, they're still a bit steep for most homes. The challenge now is the ability to produce flat screens cheaply — something most major manufacturers, and even some scrappy start-ups, are frantically working on achieving. Long Live Plasma? Plasma screens were at the cutting edge of big-screen display technology when the concept of the hang-on-the-wall TV