Caleb Yaryan

Caleb Yaryan
How to Manage the Unmanageable

The ability to organize something that is in a state of chaos is an amazing talent; unfortunately it is one I do not possess. The ability to manage an AV system that is unorganized is a repercussion of poor design and or installation, and talent will only get you so far. Managing a network that is unorganized is impossible. If you want to deploy reliable and serviceable networks, you must begin with an organized architecture.

A Good Time to Expand into 
Commercial Projects

I find it ironic that if someone had asked me as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I could never have told them the job that I am in now. None of the technology that my company is based on existed when I was a child. As I watch my…

Remote Systems Management: 
THE Opportunity

Take a look at your staff. How have their job duties changed in the last five years? Most of us have seen firsthand a shrinking of the workforce as dealers are forced to do more with less.

CEDIA EXPO 2011 Takeaways

The post-CEDIA EXPO season reminds me of the time as a child shortly after Christmas when something you had looked forward to for so long is now over. I felt like this year's EXPO was a great one for me and our industry as a whole.

The False Dichotomy of 
Residential vs. Commercial Integration

The A/V integration market is commonly broken down into two major categories—Residential and Commercial. This dichotomy helps people understand and appreciate the different topics and concerns that are appropriate for a given integration firm or individual project. It is not uncommon for an integrator to be asked what percentage of their business is residential and what percentage is commercial. This is the way we have traditionally broken down our businesses in our own minds. Well, I believe this is becoming a false dichotomy.

CEDIA Expo is Just Around the Corner

A friend of mine shared this piece of wisdom with me: “Caleb, in five years you will be the same person you are today, except for the places you go, the people you meet and the books you read.”

Key Trends from InfoComm 2011

I just got back from InfoComm down in Orlando, Fla. It was a very busy show with great traffic and a lot of talk about how business is rebounding in the commercial space. There were several key takeaways that I noted as I walked the floor, so let me share them with you.

Mr. Yaryan Goes to Washington

Irecently became a board member of the CEA TechHome Division. My first meeting was last month in Washington D.C. This trip turned out to be a great experience and one that I learned a lot from, so I thought I would recap some of the highlights in this month’s column. During my time in D.C., I attended CES Capitol Hill, our division’s board meeting, the Digital Patriots Dinner and I also met several members of Congress, including my own Congressman from Charleston, Tim Scott, during the CEA Lobby Day. T

Not a Cloud in the Sky

Like some of you out there, I own each of the current generation gaming platforms...PS3, Xbox 360 and a Wii. On occasion I will jump online for a quick match. A couple of days this past week I was unable to join any games on the Playstation network because the entire PSN was down.

The Internet Is Running Out of Room!

I am not prone to hyperbole, but if you have read much about the IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) address space availability issue lately, you might think the world is coming to an end. What does this really mean for our clients and our businesses? First, let me explain the issue and then I can explain the real-world implications ESCs will face.

Lessons Learned, Part II

Last month I wrote about my meeting with Rear Admiral Deets and two of my take-aways from that meeting—technology upgrades and bandwidth utilization. In this month's column, I will talk about the third key take-away from this same meeting—network security.

Your Clients’ Bandwidth Usage in 2014

Things are rapidly changing and will continue to change in the home networking environment. It is not enough to just realize that off-the-shelf network products are not capable of handling today's networking demands in the connected home, but that with even the best-of-class network systems being deployed by our top integration firms, we have no…

Custom Privacy: Priority No. 1

I was talking to an integrator at CEDIA EXPO, and he said something other integrators have said, “I only install the control system and A/V gear, not the network. Why should I care about security?”

Network & Performance Monitoring

If anyone doubted that networking and device monitoring has become extremely important to the integration market, they certainly have cause to reconsider after this year's CEDIA EXPO.