Your Vision For 2010

With the recession officially ‘over,’ we asked manufacturers, buying groups, distributors and others: Is it time to
let the champagne corks fly?

Kevin Baisley

Vice President of Sales


Get Ready for the Recovery!

Now is the time to take advantage and invest in the latest products that set themselves apart from all the famous “Box Stores” that don’t have technical expertise and the integration experience that you do!

Vutec® provides a good-better-best option for theater and multimedia rooms to fit a wide budget-minded audience.

It’s all about the presentation!

Vutec® and Vision X® award-winning projection screens and masking systems provide solutions for any budget. Our Vision X® program offers the best margins and the most aggressive showroom demonstration programs so you can invest with confidence and display a true “Theater Experience.”


Vutec® and Vision X® represent every screen option for your showroom, providing that dynamic theater experience. Our mission is to assist all of our home theater integrators to become better business partners. From our award-winning SilverStar™ in fixed and masking screen options, to our DYNA-Curve™ multi-aspect masking screen, Vutec® and Vision X® will fortify your showroom with the most up-to-date formats and screen technology choices available.

There is much more riding on your presentation:

Peter Wellikoff



While fundamental indicators reflect that the recession appears to be over, no one will refute that we are still experiencing challenging times. In spite of this, there has been some light this quarter, and it certainly isn’t an oncoming freight train.

There is a core group of integrators and retailers that are thinking out of the box and getting very creative in their business and selling practices. Whether you call it guerrilla warfare or targeted marketing, those accounts are experiencing some relatively positive results.

Meridian has been very active during the course of this year. We’ve been conducting road shows throughout the country doing dealer sales and product trainings, local dealer events, charitable events, and cross-promotional events with third-party companies and organizations. Bottom line, our overall year-to-date business is up 16 percent and we’re expecting very positive growth in 2010.

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