One Voice: Your IPIQ

I recently attended the IPRO annual conference. The keynote speaker was Tim Costello, CEO of Builder Homesite Inc. While Costello had many sobering points about the condition of the nation’s economy and housing market, he acknowledged the many opportunities he has tracked and how they will affect the networked home of the future.

That is one of the reasons why our new section, IPIQ, was conceived—to keep you up to date on the homes and systems (as well as other locations) you will be working on in the future. Costello stressed that there will be, “voids in the market, voids that need filling in the next decade.” The large-scale future demand for housing will be reflected in ‘green building’ homes that can produce their own energy with smart meters and water conservation.

The elderly want to age in their own homes with mobile accessibility; the Gen Y buyer loves to spend money and is completely integrated into tech and social marketing. There will be a need for more soundproofing of spaces and converting homes into true offices as people seek to reduce their carbon footprints. The homes of the future will be smaller, but include plenty of tech.

Costello sees these as huge opportunities for our industry. He also discussed what we at CustomRetailer continue to engage you on—security, both physical and cyber, with remote monitoring and remote sensing. In this first IPIQ feature (starting on page 20), Hagai Feiner of Access Networks discusses how systems can be simplified for the electronic systems contractor.

Comments Feiner, “All of the integrators we serve have reached a point in their careers where they see a barrier in networking for themselves. We offer a key to opening the door to infinite possibilities, all the way from basic networks up to redundancy networks. We’ve introduced our integrators to the concept of “failover”—the ability for another device to seamlessly take over when another has failed.”

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