CEDIA View: The New 60 Minutes

CEDIA Introduces New Online Education Format – Power Hour!

We’re a month into the New Year, and I’m sure it is fresh on everyone’s minds to start thinking of ways to open up new revenue streams and create new business opportunities. Let CEDIA help you think of and explore those new opportunities from the comfort of your home or office. Sign-up for CEDIA’s new Power Hour Webinar Series, which will bring online education to you each month on timely topics and trends from Survival of the Fittest, CEDIA Technology Council, CEDIA University and more!

Many different CEDIA programs are combining together to bring streamlined and relevant education, all in hour increments so you can get back to your business quickly. Each month, CEDIA Power Hour will feature education from all different aspects of the industry. From emerging technology trends to business basics, there is truly something for everyone during these beneficial hours of education throughout the month.

CEDIA created the Power Hour Webinar Series to make it easier and more cost-effective for electronic systems contractors to further their businesses by developing new skills, opening up new business opportunities, and gaining continuing education units toward certification. Each month’s topic gives listeners a chance to absorb concentrated information on a specific topic from their home, office, or anywhere with an Internet connection. All Webinars will also be archived, so there will be a chance to catch up on any missed or back-track to a previous month’s topic.

The best part of the CEDIA Power Hour Webinar Series (aside from its educational value) is that it is extremely cost-effective. Webinars presented by Survival of the Fittest are FREE to all CEDIA members, and those presented by the CEDIA Technology Council and CEDIA Industry Outreach and NAHB are FREE to everyone!

CEDIA Power Hour Webinar Series – February: Creating New Revenue Streams

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