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Using Wi-Fi Signal Mapping Technology as a Sales Tool

Installers of wireless networks can influence customer satisfaction by demonstrating a high level of expertise and knowledge specific to the customer’s network. There is a simple and cost-effective method for increasing your credibility as a wireless network integrator, while also adding real value to the solutions you offer and install.

Wi-Fi is not an exact science and requires a certain amount of know-how to deliver reliable and seamless coverage. Wi-Fi users can be demanding, and oftentimes skeptical about the value being delivered. What if you could show a customer a map of their entire building, complete with a graphical representation of actual wireless coverage? Take that concept one step further and show a comparison between old and new network coverage; or between alternative technologies. How would this improve your ability to demonstrate and charge for expertise, while also giving you confidence in making recommendations that work?

Such Wi-Fi Signal Mapping tools are readily available and simple to use…and the best news of all? Using this technology to deliver greater value to your Wi-Fi installations is FREE!

Why Use Wi-Fi Signal Mapping Tools?
There are a number of ways network installers can use Wi-Fi Mapping tools to demonstrate value to their customers. As a manufacturer of Wi-Fi equipment, Luxul always recommends that installers use Wi-Fi Signal Mapping tools to:

1. Perform before and after comparisons;
2. Compare different Wi-Fi technology options;
3. Identify potential problem areas; and
4. Optimize network coverage

What Wi-Fi Signal Mapping Technology Should I Use?
Because it is free and relatively ease to use, Luxul typically recommends Ekahau HeatMapper. HeatMapper allows for the creation of a color-coded heat map showing wireless coverage within a particular environment. Download for PC use at: http://www.ekahau.com/products/heatmapper/overview.html. For MAC users, Luxul recommends Netspot http://www.netspotapp.com/.

What Equipment is Needed?
Using Wi-Fi Mapping tools requires only the following:
• One Computer – Windows-based laptop with a wireless network adapter.
• One or More Wireless Routers or Access Points –Note that the Ekahau HeatMapper can simultaneously map multiple wireless networks.
• Ekahau HeatMapper – Installed on the Windows laptop.
• Image of the Floor Plan or Environment to be Mapped – This is not absolutely necessary, but can be helpful to get an accurate survey of the desired coverage area.

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