Social Network: Social Media Holiday Tips

Use social media to keep your brand festive all season long.

Make sure sharing is easy.

The holiday season always brings out the share in people. You’ll want to take advantage of the positive energy generated by customers bustling with holiday buzz, so make sure it’s easy to do. If your business has an online store, make sure each product page has operational social-sharing buttons, in case they want to tweet about a deal they just snagged.

For retail locations, remind customers to “check in” on Facebook or Foursquare so your business name reaches their networks. Incentivizing people to share plays a huge role here too, so be sure to offer reasons why they should via an additional coupon.

Engage your community with holiday talk.

Many people are eager to talk about their holiday customs, so use festive topics to interact with customers. Ask your community about their favorite holiday foods, their most memorable childhood gifts and, of course, the one special thing they’re coveting this year.

Holiday enthusiasm tends to entice people to share more, so this could give you the opportunity to engage with those who tend to be passive throughout the rest of the year. Be sure to listen carefully to what they’re saying—shares are packed with valuable information about your customer base and could provide insight about things like brand preferences and buying trends. That’s intelligence that’s usable year round!

Continue to post useful content — but keep it holiday related.

You already know the importance of consistently providing your community with useful content, as opposed to just pushing your products or services. And since people tend to be more stressed or pressed for time during the holiday season, this is an excellent time to be as helpful as possible with your posts.

Be a valuable resource to your community by offering advice on holiday challenges, like gift giving and entertaining. Content shared doesn’t always have to be original—if you have a trusted resource for crowd-pleasing recipes or travel tips, share it and tag it appropriately. Of course, if there’s a clever way to remind customers that your business is a stress-free one-stop-shop for spreading holiday cheer, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity every now and then.

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