CR Talks To... McIntosh: Upholding Audio Legacy

McIntosh continues to deliver a truly hi-fi experience for all audio enthusiasts

CustomRetailer: What sets McIntosh apart from other high-end audio companies?

Linda Passaro: No other high-end audio company has as rich a legacy as McIntosh. McIntosh has defined the highest quality in sound reproduction for over 60 years, and continues to set standards for musical performance and reliability. Creating products that reproduce every nuance of live performance has always been the goal, reflected in our new consumer message “Live your Music.”

The difference is evident in the entire McIntosh experience. Even before you turn on an amplifier or hear music resound from the towering speakers, the rich gloss finish and detailed handcraftsmanship will strike you as an art form. Once the iconic McIntosh blue meters come alive, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the system. Your ears will absorb sound in a way you have never experienced before and your taste in quality sound systems will be forever changed.

Notably, with features like protective glass faceplates cut with genuine garnet, our products are built to last for decades, offering ultimate performance. In fact, it’s not uncommon for 50-year-old McIntosh equipment to sound just as good today as the day it was purchased.

CR: McIntosh has a long history of supporting the music industry. What are some of the company’s major music milestones over the years?

Passaro: Not surprisingly, McIntosh has played a leading role in the music world since we were founded. In the ‘60s, for instance, concert organizers for Woodstock turned to McIntosh to create the sound system. McIntosh went on to help reinvent the entire concept of stadium rock by creating the renowned “Wall of Sound” for the Grateful Dead. Additionally, many artists use McIntosh gear for critical listening during their production process. We count among our fans many of the world’s top musicians, names like LA Reid and Rob Thomas, Snoop Dog, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, John Mayer and many others.
Recently, during the Grammy Awards weekend in February, we showed our ongoing support for the music industry by presenting a MANHATTAN Collection to Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter and Warner Music Group’s CEO, Lyor Cohen, at the First Annual Manager’s Brunch in Los Angeles.
We also collaborated with songwriter/producer J. Ralph on the release of his Wretches & Jabberers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, a story about autism. The critically acclaimed album debuted on CD and vinyl LP in April. A portion of all proceeds will benefit the Autism Society of America and the Wretches & Jabberers Fund of the Institute on Communication and Inclusion at Syracuse University. The CD is available at Barnes & Noble ( and digitally on iTunes, with limited-edition 180 gm vinyl available at and other online retailers.

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