Depth Perception

The first of CR’s two-part series examining the 3D revolution

This two-element, two-part treatment of 3D for the December and January issues of CustomRetailer contains comments from a cross-section of industry executives, covering the progression of the 3D market in both the projection and the flat-panel sectors.

It offers a discussion of the latest technology advancementsas well as prospects for integrators toward a profitable 2011 in the 3D category as a whole. Although we have divided companies into two groups based on whether projectors or flat-panel TVs make up the preponderance of their product offerings, some crossover comments were provided by companies that supply both projectors and panels.

This month, executives from JVC, Runco, Digital Projection, Panasonic, Samsung and Sharp give their views.

Stay tuned for Part Two in our January issue, which will include comments from NuVision, Toshiba, Sony, LG, SIM2 and projectiondesign.

3D Projectors

CustomRetailer: What elements or perceptions about consumers’ desires have helped to shape your approach toward developing and marketing 3D projection systems? How can integrators successfully promote 3D projection systems over flat-panel 3D? What elements do you suggest they highlight in presentation?

Gary Klasmeier, product engineering manager, D-ILA Systems, JVC: One thing we’re promoting is the fact we’ve included 3D as a feature in our entire lineup of projectors—three models in pro and three in the consumer line—for the first time, and in everything from entry-level to the highest-end projector at $11,995, at not-much-added cost. So if a consumer says, ‘Gee, I’m not sure about 3D right now. I don’t know where it’s going. But if it does get big, I want to be ready for it, and not throw away my money this year on a projector and not be able to show 3D on it.’ This way, just by adding an emitter and some glasses, at a nominal expense, that client can be in the 3D world.

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