THX Home Theater Education Programs

THX Certified Professional Home Theater 2 Training (CES 2014)
Jan. 11-12
Las Vegas

THX Certified Professional Home Theater 1 Training (CES 2014)
Jan. 10
Las Vegas

*Technician I is a one-day class costing $500. It consists of training concerning introduction to THX, THX performance standards, THX home theater technologies, THX-certified home theater, DVD, game, and car audio programs. Also included are introductions to small room acoustics, home theater design, setup, confirmation, calibration and marketing of THX certification.

Technician II consists of the $500 Technician I program, in addition to two additional days (costing $1,000 to $1,500.) The first day of the class consists of training on acoustics, room isolation, room treatments, design, audio and video hardware and placement, seating placement, control system design, and project management. Day two is a hands-on workshop covering system setup, signal assignment, bandwidth, level and purity, aiming of speakers, acoustic room treatment, audio calibration, source products, controller functions, EQ and final reporting

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