Catching Up With: Chris Bundy, Director of Marketing, Atlona Technologies: The Service Trifecta

The Three-Pronged Strategy That’s Working

CustomRetailer: When we spoke last year, your market goal was to become a one-stop shop/connectivity solutions company for all the solutions integrators need. Also, at that time, you said about 40 percent of your sales were to the CEDIA-type residential channel with retail sales accounting for just over 20 percent and the balance of business in commercial equipment, some for the government. Are those percentages about the same now?

Chris Bundy: Every one of those markets has grown significantly. The mix is still pretty much the same, but they are all functioning at a much higher level. The CEDIA residential installation market, for us, has steadily been growing. But we also have seen a lot of growth recently within the retail sales realm, particularly in tier one and two retailers, since we developed a group of retail products.

The biggest changes are that we’ve hired an additional 30 people since 2010, and have now broken our products out into three lines with three separate business models. We’re also doing more advertising and are capitalizing on a number of under-utilized technologies. HDBaseT connectivity technology has been a big plus for us—we’re promoting new versions of products. There have been extenders and matrix switchers around forever, but the ones that take advantage of the technology and allow it to be more flexible in custom integration designs really have pushed us ahead of a lot of our competitors with our resellers. We’re a one-stop shop for those integrators, so they don’t have to go to five different companies to get one job done.

CR: Update our readership on the types of products you will soon introduce that build upon prior introductions, and that answer specific needs for the custom integrator.

Bundy: As mentioned, we’ve changed the names of the lines, to make them more appropriate. We have the Home line that’s for end-users and is very consumer electronics-oriented. The next is our Professional line – things you really need a professional to install. It ranges from there up to products for those really heavy, industrial-level government projects, which comprise our Commercial line.

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