Catching Up With: Chris Bundy, Director of Marketing, Atlona Technologies: The Service Trifecta

The Three-Pronged Strategy That’s Working

Whether for residential installers or digital signage integrators, a lot of the tools they need are really the same. We did the segmentation based on a series of surveys; from the results, we realized that regardless of what vertical market integrators are approaching, they want to know that the same product that they just used in a residential install to fix that one HDMI issue will still work in their nightclub install, or in the digital signage project they’re about to start.

CR: Update us on your dealer-support programs for the custom integrator, and on how you are working to develop products and packages that will enable them to make more margin, and get in and out of a job quickly, with fewer unnecessary post-installation truck rolls.

Bundy: We have taken the Professional line beyond the name-changing hierarchy, and introduced several products within it. We want to help those integrators be as professional as they can be. So we introduced two new programs. The Atlona Advantage program is our promise that’s more than a warranty—for any project, we’ll provide pre- and post-sale support as well as on-site support. It’s a type of hand-holding that is typically not done by larger companies.

The other is the Atlona Academy program, where we educate installers on best practices on any new technologies we’re working with, whether it’s HDMI regional training, bringing in HDBaseT people to talk at our International Summit or educating on the consumer-based formats like DLNA.

We also hope eventually to do a certain amount of certification to help higher-level integrators to better use our equipment and have fewer return rates based on not knowing what product to use.

Part of the Advantage program is to make sure dealers make more profit. Our latest “big win” was the kit we have to diagnose and repair all sorts of HDMI issues within 10 minutes—to get integrators in and out. We thought about that product and why it was so well received, and it was because it really does save integrators time, money and lots of head-scratching hours. Since then, we’ve thought about what we can do with all our products to help them similarly.

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