Designing an AV Escape

The 5c more than exceeds military specifications for environmental stability, with no effect on acoustical performance or structural integrity when exposed to salt spray, extreme temperatures, high humidity and ultra-violet light. The system also has a splash-proof rating of IP-X4 (IEC 529), making it adept for marine and waterside environments.

Runco CP-52HD Flat-Panel LCD
The Runco CP-52HD flat-panel LCD display’s enclosure has been engineered for maximum durability, ensuring protection from adverse environmental conditions, including temperature, exposure to moisture, dust, oils and intermittent direct water spray. The aluminum cabinet is sealed to ensure protection from the elements and features a specially designed internal ventilation system to provide adequate cooling. As a result, the Runco CP-52HD surpasses IP56 weather-proof standards, which will allow you to leave it outside year-round, without worry. Best of all, the Runco CP-52HD LCD display is surrounded by the same elegant look and styling that distinguish all Runco flat-panel displays, assuring you the display is as impressive to look at when it’s turned off.

SunBriteTV 4630 HDTV
Engineered with a durable all-weather environmental feature-set, SunBriteTV televisions are designed for permanent outdoor installation. The extra bright 46-inch full-HD 1080p LCD screen is integrated into an all-weather exterior that protects the internal components from rain, dirt, insects and scratches. Its Multi-fan Airflow System keeps the unit cool and dry in temperatures up to 122 degrees F. Internal Thermostatically-Controlled Heater protects TV in temperatures as low as -24 degrees F. The Water-tight Cable Entry System with pass-through design keeps cables dry and allows for easy hook-ups. And its Anti-Reflective Window reduces glare, increases contrast and protects the LCD screen. The Control Feature-Set includes IR input control; Remote Control Lock-out; and Sleep Mode.

SoundCast OutCast
The OutCast weather-resistant, wireless speaker has a broadcast range of up to 350 feet. This powerful wireless speaker receives transmissions through walls, floors and ceilings without the hassle of running wires. Features include the ability to connect your MP3 player, iPod, computer and even your TV to the OutCast; conveniently located controls; portability; blue lighting, which illuminates the wireless outdoor speaker for extra ambiance at night; and setup is simple and straightforward.

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