Dunn, Glasgow Join CEA Executive Board

The Consumer Electronics Association this week announced the makeup of its new executive board, with Best Buy’s CEO and Sony Electronics’ president among the new members.

The executive board, which was elected at the CEA Industry Forum in Phoenix last month, now includes Best Buy’s Brian Dunn, Sony Electronics’ Stan Glasgow, Brightstar Chairman Denise Gibson, Leviton director Ian Hendler and Guitammer Company president and CEO Mark Luden.

In addition to his new duties at Monster, Gary Yacoubian will remain chairman of the executive board, along with vice chair Randy Fry of Fry’s Electronics. Pat Lavelle of Audiovox, Jim Bazet of Cobra Electronics, John Godfrey of Samsung, Loyd Ivey of Mitek, Jay McLellan of HAI and Peter Lesser of X-10 remain on the board, while CEA officials Gary Shapiro, Glena MacMullin and Karen Chupka sit on the board as well.

“With the chief executives of Best Buy and Sony Electronics now in our leadership as well as executives from home automation, wireless, broadband, gaming and other technology sectors, we are well positioned for the future,” Shapiro said in a statement. “Our members have elected a board of volunteer leaders that truly represents the broadest possible cross-section of the technology sector.”

Click here for a full list of the new Board of Industry leaders.

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