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We joke when talking to educators that, a lot of times today, students have more technology in their pockets than the classroom is equipped with! We’re showing them some very cost-effective user interface possibilities with the iPad and the iPhone, where they can manage the classroom in a very easy-to-use, familiar—that’s they key word – “familiar”—way.

We’re having tons of success on the residential side with the iPad, as we’ve gotten away from our proprietary touch-panel business and moved in that direction for our main user interface. It’s amazing to see how comfortable people are with this device, and how it has taught them how to use a touch screen.

Besides iPads in-wall and on desktops with docking stations in the Commercial Center, we also have two models—19.5- and 25-inch—of our Touch TVs, which are TVs that add a touch panel from which you can manage a number of different video sources, or view a station before you actually play the source. Those are in the sports bar area.

CR: Have you added any embellishments to the facility since it opened? If so, what are they?

Spinner: In the hotel room we’re now showcasing one of the launches from CEDIA—our IPBX telephone system, so you can make calls through the iPad, either to the front desk or to the outside. That’s slated for Q1 release. That’s been a big hit.

We have also had a number of integrators who want to demonstrate digital signage capabilities to commercial clients. With our solution, we’ve been able to create specific digital signage to accommodate certain enterprise solutions. As an example, we have a digital signage gallery, and if the client wanted to show Twitter feeds at the bottom, we can set it up to do that. Or if a sporting company wanted to show key sports stats at the bottom, that can be quickly and easily put up. Switching out digital signage scenes can be done seamlessly, with the press of a button.

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