Savant’s Message To California Dealers: “Join the Apple iPad Feeding Frenzy”

In Los Angeles: Savant's President Jim Carroll and CEO Bob Madonna

Bob Madonna talks Savant's iPad app to a packed house.

Attendees file in.

Hands-on demonstrations: A paradigm shift in the market

Savant CEO Bob Madonna on Thursday enthusiastically encouraged Southern California dealers to “embrace this different business model. The iPad Savant app will free you to expand the marketplace. This is such an exciting time and we need to evolve and sell the services, features and user experience.”

The comments came at an event in Southern California for dealers, part of Madonna’s nationwide tour.

“This is a huge plus that allows more people the ability to use technology,” attendee Steve Goold from Pacific Digital Home commented. “This is the biggest paradigm shift since the ability to automate and dealers need to embrace it, because the money and profit from this will evolve naturally.”

The grueling tour, of eight cities in nearly as many days, brought the Savant team to Irvine, Calif,, south of Los Angeles on April 8. Over 30 dealers turned out and according to Savant’s Director of Marketing Craig Spinner, “so far this road-trip has been amazing and we are seeing in person at least 75 percent of our dealer base.”

“We have already hit New York and San Francisco on April 5th and 6th, and Dallas yesterday,” Savant President Jim Carroll added. “The response has been overwhelming with so many of our dealers being able to experience the Savant application immediately.

“The iPad supports all the capabilities of the company’s touchpanel portfolio and can run wirelessly or plugged into a desktop cradle or as an in-wall-mounted device,” Carroll continued. “The company will sell its own cradles and in-wall charging docks and will be a re-seller to its dealers of the iPad itself. The tour continues to Denver on April 9, then on to Boston on April 14, Washington and Miami on the 15.”

Madonna said Savant’s incorporation of Apple’s OS X system into its products from the company’s inception in 2005 gave it a leg up in its app development. “And now, the additional real estate on the iPad
gave us the room to make control much more intuitive,” he said.

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