Savant’s Message To California Dealers: “Join the Apple iPad Feeding Frenzy”

In Los Angeles: Savant's President Jim Carroll and CEO Bob Madonna

Bob Madonna talks Savant's iPad app to a packed house.

Attendees file in.

Hands-on demonstrations: A paradigm shift in the market

The Savant app, available for $9.99, can run in an ‘example’ mode that can be test-driven by potential customers and by Savant system owners until their dealer can enable the application’s functionality by configuring the device with Savant’s BluePrint software.

“This will open up the market for all of us,” Carroll said. “This changes the mix of what goes into the home; there’s still the need for a fixed, wired touchpanel, but it just makes sense to buy several of these for the kids. Dealers will sell more of these, and it will give the dealer the opportunity to sell more enhanced services in the home.”

“With this device, Apple is teaching the average person how to use a touchpanel,” Madonna said. “And that has tremendous value for the CEDIA channel.”