Samsung TVs Almost Bezel Free

Samsung's new D800 3DTV is almost bezel-free.

Samsung's Tim Baxter tries on the new one-ounce 3D glasses, which are designed to fit over prescription glasses.

New 3DTV design, super-thin notebook, tablet and connectivity features earns applause

Other new TV-related products and accessories include:

– Updated Touch Control remotes for high-end sets that now include full touch capabilities

– 3D glasses that weigh about 1 ounce and can fit over prescription glasses

– A Skype-certified camera for TV conferencing

– New Blu-ray players, including the BD-6700, which boots up in 3 seconds and offers 2D to 3D conversion.

On the PC front, Doug Albregts, Samsung’s vice president of sales and marketing, IT division, received a round of applause after introducing the Sliding PC 7 Series, a Windows 7 based tablet-style touch-screen notebook that’s equipped with a sliding keyboard. Albregts also introduced the 9 Series super-thin notebook. Its external casing is made from Duralumin, a lightweight material normally used in aircrafts. Along with notebooks, Samsung introduced the CA 550 and CA 750 Central Station ultra-thin monitors. The monitors use a USB 3.0 dongle that detects a notebook within about 12 inches and automatically connects all peripherals and links the screens together for a bigger working environment.

Samsung also showed off a Wi-Fi only version of the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, due in the first quarter; the SH100 camera, which allows photos to be posted straight to Facebook or YouTube and can automatically back up photos on a PC; and the Q10 Full HD camcorder.

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