Colorado vNet Resurrected Again

Russound has announced, just two months after the Colorado vNet division was to be shuttered for a second time, that the brand has once again been revived.

“Colorado vNet is back – stronger than ever! We’re moving forward with the product line and have some exciting developments in the works,” Charlie Porritt, CEO of both Colorado vNet and Russound, wrote in a letter Friday to dealers. He added that the revived Colorado vNet will add both an IP-based digital music streamer and iPad application.

Those wishing to work with Colorado vNet are asked to email or

The original Colorado vNet closed in September 2009, before Russound rescued it by purchasing the company the following month. It was run by Russound until December of last year, when Russound announced plans to “wind down” its operations in order to focus on product R&D only.

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