Runco Holds Nearly Simultaneous Events Across The Country

(Left to right) In Los Angeles, Danny Thompson, Mike Kavanaugh; MK Marketing, Matt Christensen; Runco, Joaquin Rivera; Stewart, Jeremy Sternhagen; Runco, Ben Jamison; Savant, Mike Cleary; MK Marketing, Justin Yates; Stewart.

Runco, MK Marketing, Savant and Stewart Filmscreen hosted the Los Angeles dealer event on Thursday, Nov. 19 at Stewart Filmscreen’s headquarters in Torrance, Calif, while other events were taking place in Portland, Minneapolis and at the new Savant Experience Center in New York City. The Denver event will be hosted by Runco, Momentum Marketing, and Stewart Filmscreen on December 3rd and 4th at the Hilton Garden Inn at 9290 S. Meridian Blvd, in Englewood, Colo.

Runco’s Matt Christensen, in Los Angeles, explained that the purpose of these simultaneous events for dealers and the press, was to not only explain how Runco is positioned going into 2010. But to also communicate the company’s strong commitment to its dealers and exhibit the bond it has with its partners, as indicated with the M&K Marketing, Savant and Stewart teams on hand to talk about their latest dealer opportunities and support.

Christensen explained that the goal for 2010 is growth and in the last year and a half, the following Runco goals and improvements had been met:

-Strong balance sheet
-Logistics achieved
-Inventory control
-Order administration
-Repair department
-More experienced line support
-Runco Academy
-More dealer programs
-Runco dealer portal
-New exclusive products
-Custom configuration to order

Runco’s Q-750i lampless LED home theater projector was demonstrated, along with the Runco VideoXtreme VX-33d three-chip DLP projector, the new value-priced LightStyle LS-5 home theater projector, and two flat-panel displays: the XP-OPAL50 DHD 50-inch plasma display and the CX-OPAL65 65-inch LCD display were also there.

Ben Jamison from Savant and Joaquin Rivera from Stewart also discussed their products and ongoing dealer commitment and all three men agreed that: “We are making sure that our dealers understand that we are continuing to provide them with these integrated opportunities through these hard and difficult times.”

Runco showed off two projectors, including the award-winning VX-22 home theater projector at the unveiling of the new Savant Experience Center at 88 Prince Street in New York City. Invited dealers and the press experienced a guided demo and saw the industry’s latest technologies and home theater created by Runco dealer Theo Kalomirakis. The Savant Experience is a permanent installation and is available for private tours by appointment.

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