Find Your Own LightStyle with Powerline Control Systems

Powerline Control System's Mi LightStyle App

Powerline Control Systems (PCS) showed off several new lighting control products at CEDIA 2011.

PCS’s Mi LightStyle is a software and hardware package that brings system control to portable devices. The intuitive software allows users to create custom buttons and specific scenes. Scenes can be set on a schedule, and nearly any combination of “if, then, and or,” situations can be accommodated. The device can add modules such as Weatherbug that allow it to react according to weather reports, and it can be adapted to work with smartmeters.

The Mi LightStyle app is available for iOS and Android devices. The app organizes each room in a home into a separate folder and allows controls with buttons such as slide dimmers and more. Through the app users can view live feeds from ip cameras and choose to receive text alerts.

On a tablet, when the app is open and turned into portrait mode, it displays a graphical version of the home complete with selectable, controllable images of lights, and power supplies.

Mi LightStyle starts at $1000 and can expand as much as a customer desires. “Simplicity, affordability and flexibilty is what we do” says Scott Klodowski, Director of Sales and Marketing for PCS. That does not just apply to the customer; the software also allows an integrator to program it remotely.

PCS also introduced a new addition to its PulseWorx lighting control line, the WS1DL. The WS1DL is a universal dimming solution, that is compatible with LED, CFL, fluorescent, inductive and magnetic LV loads and incadescent and halogen lighting. Including a customized minimum dimming level so there is no drop off, the WS1DL follows the PCS mission of flexibility.

In addition, PCS showed the Rain8 Irrigation Controller, with features such as moisture sensor, and the weatherbug functionality with Mi LightStyle. It starts with eight, but can be expanded to up to 256 zones, making it a solution for anything from a single home to a golf course.

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