Petra Pioneer Training Attracted 100 Dealers

Petra Industries said this week that it hosted a two-day training event for Pioneer earlier this month. The event attracted more than 100 dealers.

The event, Petra said, “showcased all of Pioneer’s new 2012 models and provided Petra’s dealers with training and selling tips to demonstrate and promote the value of all the models to end-user consumers.” The lineup features more than 130 products.

“Petra always represents the 12-volt industry with a level of quality that puts them in a class of their own,” Bob Coyle, District Sales Manager with Pioneer, said as part of the announcement. “Petra was able to get more than 100 installers, salespeople and principles to come to their headquarters for a “Pioneer Only” training. This quality time spent with Petra’s dealers is invaluable from Pioneer’s point of view.”

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