Panasonic Boosts VIERA Connect App Trove

Panasonic's Mereby shows how VIERA Connect apps can be controlled via an iPad; Android tablets are also compatible

Other apps that were highlighted by their developers at the demo included a weather-tracking app from AccuWeather. Jim Candor, chief business officer, digital media, showed off its wide functionality, which ranges well beyond current and coming local weather conditions to provision of weather alerts, radar and satellite maps updated every five minutes, and information about how certain weather conditions affect lifestyles (“Arthritis Day Index,” “Asthma Index,” “Golf Index,” etc.). It can also display a selection of up to six frequently updated videos on demand relating to national weather or weather conditions in other areas of the world.

And Charles Herring, president of the Wealth TV cable channel, showed off the Panasonic app’s capabilities, which for a 99-cents-per-month subscription fee, serves up an “all you can eat” menu of ”vicarious living” programming on fancy cars, culinary delights, history, art and music. Subscribers on Nov. 5 were treated to a four-fight card from a Don King-produced WBA World Championship event.

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