New Sharp Elite TVs Unveiled

Sharp's new Elite 70-inch LCD TV

Sharp Thursday unveiled the first of its new Elite TVs, which it licensed from Pioneer earlier this year.

Featuring 3D and connective capability, as well as the sort of engineering excellence long associated with the Elite brand, the new TVs also feature Intelligent Variable Contrast, which, the company says, “automatically control brightness and backlight to create depth of color, brilliance, detail and dark areas.”

“Over the past 25 years the Elite brand has developed a loyal and avid fan base of audiophiles and videophiles,” said Tom Evans, Sharp’s associate vice president and general manager of Product & Marketing for Elite televisions. “We are confident that our new line of Elite LCD TVs will appeal to the Elite purists who expect the highest picture quality and experience as well as today’s luxury technology enthusiasts looking for the most innovative products to outfit their digitally connected homes.”

The Elite TVs, which are now LED LCD models, will arrive in 60″ and 70″-inch sizes, late this month.

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  • http://TweakyBeacon TweakyBeacon

    Ladies & gentlemen, raise your glasses…here’s to hoping they don’t suck! As the proud owner of two KURO panels and one RPTV (the PRO-580HD, it just won’t die!), my expectations, however misguided, will be very high. I hope they can live up to the hype & pedigree we’ve all become accustomed to expect from the ELITE brand. That being said…$8500 is a lot to ask for any TV these days…seems that the demise of KURO hasn’t diminished their ego!

  • http://RobertSerio Robert Serio

    I am exceptionally happy that Pioneer Elite is back. Working with them as a dealer has always been great. THey support us, service us, have the right answers to our questions and problems. I hope their policy of Profitability and hopefully price protection as it was in the past will be part of their new program.