Monster Poised For Global Success

Head Monster Noel Lee at CES

In keeping with the Monster Cable mantra of, “always lead and never follow”, Noel Lee kicked off an impressive press conference that highlighted a year of innovation and and exciting new products.

“In 2010 the headphone category exploded and it hasn’t slowed down. We have in fact created a pathway for other manufacturers much like we did with cable for others to enter this category,” the Head Monster said. Indeed, in dollar shares
Monster cable was number 1 in the headphone category in the US from Sept-Nov. 2010. He clearly stated that 2011 will be the year of the headphone as Monster builds on its powerful celebrity partnerships with the addition of professional Chinese basketball player Yao Ming, with not only headphones but a variety of other Monster branded products.

Project Manager Elbert Lee went on to discuss an exciting new line of products branded under Tron, or as he said, “Imagined by Disney and made by Monster.” The line will include an iPod dock with the signature blue illumination, headphones and much more.

Lee went on to add that “2011 is the year for digital life. We are experiencing an explosion of new audio, video, computer and convergence devices that people can – and want – to connect together. Today’s HDTVs can connect to the internet with Ethernet, you can view computer content on HDTVs with HDMI, you can view HD photos and videos on digital cameras and camcorders on HDTVs with mini HDMI, and the newest mobile phones have even smaller micro HDMI connections.

“With our new Digital Life line, we have used all our expertise to help people make these important connections, in order to get the most stunning pictures and video, highest quality audio and fastest data transfer rates possible – all in the simplest and most effective ways. Monster Digital Life literally lets you forget about your connections – and just get on with your ‘Digital Life.’”

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