LG Defends Cinema 3D in Dealer Letter

Continuing the war of words among manufacturers on whether the active-shutter or passive-shutter approach to 3D TV is the future, LG Electronics’ senior vice president of home entertainment has written a letter to dealers extolling its passive-glasses Cinema 3D system.

In a letter titled “3D TV: Setting the Record Straight” and addressed to “Dealers, Distributors and Friends,” LG senior vice president Jay Vandenbree defended LG’s passive shutter approach, arguing that “consumers favor passive 3D technology, like LG Cinema 3D, because they prefer every aspect of the passive 3D TV experience.”

“Passive 3D TV is thrilling consumers by giving them comfortable, affordable, no-batteries-needed theater-style glasses; superior quality at an affordable price; outstanding picture quality and an amazing overall experience, incorporating similar technology to what they’ve experienced in the theater,” he continued.

LG late last month released an independent survey that showed consumer preference for LG’s 3D approach. Sony and Samsung, two companies that make active-shutter glasses-based 3D TVs, reacted this week with data of their own showing the opposite conclusion.

“At LG, we’re committed to giving consumers the technology and viewing experiences they prefer ― not the technology we have and need to sell. Unlike some competitors who are making technology claims that may well confuse consumers, our approach is basic: focus on the consumer benefits and what real consumers think about Cinema 3D,” Vandenbree said.

See the full text of Vandenbree’s letter below:


July 7, 2011

Dear LG Dealers, Distributors and Friends:

As you know, last week we released the results of a new 3D TV consumer study conducted by an independent, third-party research firm to test true consumer preferences in an un-branded, unbiased environment. Naturally, when that study showed consumers ― not manufacturers or so-called “experts”― preferred passive 3D TV technology, specifically LG Cinema 3D TV technology, by a margin of four-to-one, it made news. What’s more, further supporting this consumer research, the leading independent consumer publication just ranked Cinema 3D as the number one 3D TV in its class ― far above the competition.

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