Your Vision for 2010 Part II

Last month we began a discussion, asking industry partners if the recession was, in fact, over as well as what their visions are for the future.

John Alifano

Manager, Home Entertainment Division

D&H Distributing

Our message for companies in 2010 is to diversify, diversify, diversify! We see our customers looking toward the commercial space to augment their incomes, targeting doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices, real estate offices.

As a distributor, our vision for the coming year is to facilitate that expansion, providing a variety of products and expertise over different technologies, to support the custom installer’s growth beyond their core competencies. That would include anything from IT products to distributed audio, displays, digital signage and emerging technologies such as 3-D TV, which is coming at us like a freight train—finally, something new in the market!


Executive Director, Numinus, LLC

Being anchored in a business largely based in “consumers with disposal income” during 2009 has been challenging, no doubt. It has forced us all to trim the fat and get creative in our business practices. At Numinus, we are taking advantage of the energy-efficient movement. In 2010 we will increase our focus on LED lighting and controls, both in the home theater and the commercial lighting arenas.

For home theaters, we are helping our dealers accent their projects with RGB LED lighting. It is a relatively low-cost design element that creates a dynamic effect. We are also developing new products for the commercial lighting industry including white-light LED products for retail lighting and general-purpose lighting. Because of the expense involved with converting to LED fixtures, we have teamed up with our local utility company to extend cost-saving programs to our clients.

Glendon J. O’Brien

President & CEO, Electronic Stockroom

At Electronic Stockroom, we are expecting the CE sector to be marginally better economically in 2010 than 2009. Our focus is on delivering better products and value-added services to our premium CI Channel Partners. While we are seeing signs of recovery, albeit small, in our markets served, our plans are to continue aggressively driving our sales, marketing and operation initiatives to better serve our partners.

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