CEDIA View: Lessons Learned, Opportunities Available

Key takeaways from EXPO 2011

The past few years for this industry have been a battle. The U.S. housing market statistics, consumer and federal debt data, and unemployment rates paint a bleak picture of the current economy that may be slow to improve. However, 2011 CEDIA EXPO keynote speaker, Tim Costello, Chairman and CEO of Builder Homesite Inc. and New Home Technologies LLC, presented some opportunities that electronic systems company owners can focus on to grow business and stay relevant in difficult times.

As your industry trade association, CEDIA works year-round to support members’ efforts to grow their businesses. Below are just a few of the top takeaways from Costello’s keynote address along with CEDIA offerings that can help support members’ efforts in these key areas.

Aging in Place

The statistics are in—the aging population is growing faster than ever. Costello noted that service providers and family caregivers are turning to technology as a solution.

This area of the industry is growing fast, and CEDIA has been following this trend. This year’s Future Technology Pavilion featured various home health products from an automated pill dispenser to home health monitors. If you missed it, you can view videos from this year’s Future Technology Pavilion at www.geekbeat.tv.

In addition to featuring home health in the Future Technology Pavilion, CEDIA has a free archived webinar available for viewing: “Home Health Technology and You…in 60 Minutes or Less.” This webinar is lead by Grandcare’s Laura Mitchell and can be accessed at www.cedia.org/elearning.

Green Building

Costello also highlighted the fact that as energy costs rise, consumers are becoming more interested in green technology and energy efficiency. Initially this may seem like an intimidating arena to enter, but CEDIA has resources to help.

CEDIA’s ESC Guide to LEED for Homes can help you get started. There is a great opportunity for ESCs to support clients’ projects as they pursue LEED certification. The LEED for Homes point system does not adequately acknowledge areas where electronic systems and control can contribute to the project goals of greater sustainability and energy management. CEDIA’s ESC Guide to LEED for Homes can help you learn how to not only affect the project’s total points, but more importantly provide a more sustainable lifestyle for the homeowner. CEDIA members can access a free copy of the ESC Guide to LEED for Homes at www.cedia.org/marketplace. Non–members can purchase a copy for $25.

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